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It's me.

Who am I?

Who knows, eh? I'm an introvert, misanthrope and recluse. A very private person. Usually strung out on coffee. Phone calls give me anxiety. And I've been working on a novel I haven't started for the last ten years. 


What the heck do I do?

I've been wandering about, jumping from one career track to another, and I've finally landed up in UX writing. Now I'm learning Japanese, writing fiction, working out, eating kimchi and trying to avoid as many Zoom calls as possible.

Want to read my stuff?

I write blogs, articles, stories and random crap just for fun. And like any other writer, I'm never satisfied with my work.

Fish Fingers

A short story, 2020

Have I written a book yet?

Well, sort of. It's a short one - about 37 pages - documenting my career journey while switching to design. Give it a read, it's not bad.

Writing Letters

Is there more?

I also sometimes send a very irregular newsletter, which consists of compiled articles or short stories.

Ok, you're on the list.

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