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Content Strategy for a website redesign

Worked with Crestech, a testing services provider, with the support of design agency DesignBrewery, to create content and microcopy for their website redesign.

📓 Project Brief

Determine a brand voice, write microcopy and work on detailed content for entire redesigned website

⏳ Duration / Size

1 month / XXL

👩‍🔧 My Role & Team

As an independent content strategist, I collaborated with the  design agency and the client to develop their brand voice and website content

I created bold, crisp, concise content

The Research Process


The details won't be shared here due to confidentiality reasons

Establishing Guidelines for Crestech's Voice

Based on brand identity and user research

We are
  • Knowledgeable

  • Friendly

  • Cool, calm, confident

  • Honest

  • Fun

We're not
  • Funny

  • Authoritative

  • Overly casual

  • Formal

  • Sarcastic

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Writing starts on wireframes

Behind the scenes


Samples of how client inputs are transformed into readable content

BTS1 – 1.png

Clear, actionable navigation

CTA copy was consciously made descriptive and precise, sometimes aspirational with a trade off on length

avoiding vague terms like 'Learn more' or 'Continue'


Managing remote collaboration

How iterations and sign-offs were tracked for such a large-scale project through asynchronous iterations

on Google Suite and comments

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Have a look at the final content below.

I've provided two sample pages - Home and About

Final Homepage

Home - Full_2x.png

Final About page

Thanks for reading!
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