UX Writing

Determine a brand voice, write microcopy and work on detailed content for entire redesigned website

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Determine a Tone of Voice for SpotDraft, using brand guidelines, and rewrite all emails being sent to customers using simple & concise language.


Write UX Copy for a modal to convert non-subscribers of SpotDraft after they just used the platform to sign a contract

Social Media Content

Handled the entire social media content strategy for DesignUp 2021 - a virtual design conference that raised ₹50L for COVID Relief in India.

Design Articles
Other Articles
My eBook
Switching to a Career on UX Design (eBook)
  • Tips for breaking into the industry with no formal design education

  • Real world, practical advice on what it's like to be a designer in corporate India

  • Only 37 pages of insight based on a UX designer's personal experience

Fiction and Fun

Experimenting with 15 Days of UX Writing prompts, different user scenarios and tones of voice

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Yay! All Done.