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Generating leads on Spotdraft

SpotDraft is an AI-based contract management system, that allows a user to create, review and manage all their legal contracts in one place. Users can invite non-users of SpotDraft to use the platform to sign & review contracts. 

📓 Project Brief

Use smart copy to hook a non-user to learn more about the platform, and  convert them into customers

⏳ Duration / Size

2 days / S

👩‍🔧 My Role & Team

As the sole UX Writer, I collaborated with the designer and the PM to achieve clear, concise and crisp copy for the dialog

Understanding Users

Our users are of two types:

Persona 1: Victor

Sales Rep, Sales Director, Revenue Ops Team

Pain Points
  • Slow contract cycles = slower deal closures

  • Multiple touch points with legal to close contracts = Time taken away from actual selling

  • Close tasks as fast as possible

  • Get maximum efficiency & utilization of time

  • Avoid manual follow-ups or extra work

Persona 2: Gemma

Legal team, General Counsel, CXO

Pain Points
  • Poor work management for legal teams means slower agreements

  • Slower/manual contracting processes take time away from actual legal work

  • Human errors lead to multiple reviews

  • Become a partner to sales teams

  • Maintain SLAs and compliance in contracting

  • Spend more time on impactful work, less on paperwork

Understanding the flow

User receives a request from the client to fill in their details & sign an agreement on SpotDraft

User uses SpotDraft to complete tasks
Here, we show them our Lead generation modal dialog

Using crisp & smart UX copy, we hook them to interact with the dialog. User may also dismiss the dialog.

Final UX Copy

For Victor, the Sales user, we focus on highlighting speed as the USP


For Gemma, a Legal user, we focus on efficiency as the primary hook

Thanks for reading!
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